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 Career Development


At Meritor, everyone contributes to our success and can take advantage of growth opportunities to enhance their career. Our Talent Management processes help us identify, develop and promote high caliber individuals to support the organization’s future leadership needs.


 Ensuring Your Career Success


We rely on our Talent Excellence System to make sure that every employee’s work is closely aligned with the company’s strategies, goals and objectives. It plays a critical role in helping individuals understand that how each person performs their job is directly connected to business performance, customer satisfaction and the bottom line. Individual characteristics are measured for all employees participating in the Performance Management Process.

At the beginning of each fiscal year, employees work with their managers to set specific goals for the year. Then they decide what objectives must be completed to meet those goals. Periodically, managers and employees discuss employee progress and determine what actions are necessary to facilitate a successful outcome. At the end of the fiscal year, the employee provides a self-evaluation to the manager, who also rates the employee’s performance. The results of the overall evaluation form the basis for computing individual merit salary increases when appropriate.