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With more than 100 years of driveline engineering and manufacturing experience, and a large market share in new truck production, our Aftermarket group considers Driveline to be a core product. 

A comprehensive, high quality product line - from completely outfitted drivelines to individual components (u-joints, center bearings, yokes and more) - is available to produce a complete driveshaft for the medium- and heavy-duty truck markets.



We offer a full line of Meritor components to fit your needs.

  • Meritor RN Series Universal Joints
    • Ensure resilience and long-life through comprehensive design and solid construction
  • Meritor Permalube™ RPL U-joints and Slip Sections
    • Lubricated for life
    • Permanent lubrication eliminates downtime for greasing drivelines, increases fleet efficiency, and reduces operating and maintenance costs
  • Meritor XTended Lube MXL™ U-joints and Slip Sections
    • Include premium sealing technology, which extends lubrication intervals to 100,000 miles for linehaul applications
  • Meritor Gold™ Self-Aligning Center Bearings
    • Assure optimum alignment of the center bearing to the driveshaft under all operating conditions, thus extending its life
  • End Yokes
  • Weld Yokes
  • Slip Yokes
  • Bearing Stub Shaft
  • Spline Plugs
  • Tubing
  • C.V. Components and P.T.O. Assemblies
  • Companion Flanges