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Building the most trusted name in truck parts started with one man's uncompromising ideals.

In 1939, Zygmunt Zukowski founded Euclid Industries with keen attention to every engineering detail. Over the years, the building of trust continued with a relentless drive for perfection at every stage—in catalogs, in filling customer orders, in expert service, support and caring for the customer.

Earning trust every day means more quality control, inspections and more sensitivity to the needs of customers. That's why the Euclid brand has grown to become the premier truck aftermarket brand in the United States and Canada.

In January of 1999, Euclid officially became part of Meritor. Through all the changes, our principles have remained the same. Today, Euclid provides the world with precision-engineered light-, medium- and heavy-duty truck, trailer, and bus replacement parts that meet and often exceed OEM quality specification standards.

So when warehouse distributors and fleet owners see the familiar yellow box from Euclid, they know they're getting far more than ordinary replacement parts. They're getting the best replacement parts made today from a company they can trust. A company that's constantly improving with technology to do a job the only way it knows how. The Right Way. It's a philosophy that will continue to guide us for the years ahead.

Worldwide, we're committed more than ever to maintaining a tight control over quality in engineering, sales, personalized service, customer support and product training. We will continue to make improvements and add advanced systems.

Products available under the Euclid program include Air Brake Parts, Air Springs, Air Systems, Cargo Restraints, Front Axles, Hubs and Drums, Hydraulic Brake Parts, Suspension Parts and Wheel-End Components.  

We're doing everything possible to provide our customers with the best truck parts, when and where they're needed.