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 Brand Overview


The Meritor brand represents the company’s longstanding experience in the heavy truck, bus and trailer sector, where it has occupied a leading position as a supplier of complete commercial vehicle axles, brakes and suspension systems for on- and off-highway vehicles.

Today, axle and brake products for commercial vehicles, previously known under the trade names Lucas, ROR and Rockwell, are all distributed under the Meritor brand. ROR parts include trailer axles, as well as suspension systems and ancillary products.

The full line of commercial vehicle aftermarket replacement parts for drive axles, front steer axles and braking systems marketed in Europe are also labeled with the Meritor brand.

Each Meritor brand replacement product is made to original equipment specifications and quality standards. Any engineering changes required to replacement parts are incorporated on request to guarantee full serviceability and performance.


 Meritor Braking & Friction Products


Meritor has a brake suitable for all operational requirements, making it a major original equipment (OE) supplier of disc and drum brakes to Europe’s leading truck, bus and coach manufacturers. Meritor disc and drum brakes benefit from many years of experience in commercial vehicle braking, having emerged from the former Rockwell and Lucas Heavy Vehicle Braking Systems brands. We feature industry-recognized trade names such as Elsa, Duco, Stopmaster and Zcam.

As the only source for the complete range of OE-approved spare parts for Meritor brakes, our European Aftermarket business supplies the industry through our extensive network of dedicated distributors. In addition, the Meritor portfolio now includes a wide range of aftermarket products such as brake pads, brake discs, brake linings, brake drums, lined brake shoe kits for trailers and brake pads and discs for light commercial vehicles.

Complementary to the OE approved friction products, Premium pads and MDP3000 series. This series is a complementary replacement for more than 95 percent of truck, bus and trailer applications.


 Meritor Axle Products


Meritor drive axles and front steer products serve a wide range of truck, trailer and bus applications. The company’s policy of continuous product improvement is integrated into both original equipment and aftermarket design. This ensures that a genuine Meritor aftermarket part will incorporate all engineering changes made to the original equipment design.

For service support, Meritor axle service replacement parts are available in both kit and single component form. A complete Meritor branded range of premium quality universal joints and center bearings is also available.


 Meritor Trailer Products


Meritor is the world’s leading manufacturer of trailer axles and is well known in Europe for offering integrated product solutions. Comprising trailer axle, trailer suspension and Meritor brakes, our integrated products are engineered to operate as a single unit. The benefits of having an integrated package extend not only to the original equipment trailer builder, but also to operators and aftermarket customers who can source all service parts from one single supplier.

These Meritor-brand replacement references are for axles and suspensions manufactured in Europe, including seals, bearings, braking parts, air chambers, and all suspension parts, such as air springs and shock absorbers. In addition, a range of equipment, such as automatic brake adjusters, spring brake chambers, steer axle components and suspension valves, completes the product offering.

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