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 Brand Overview


In July 2008, Meritor acquired Trucktechnic®, a major remanufacturer and distributor of a complete line of air systems components for commercial vehicles, based in Liege, Belgium.

Trucktechnic® started its activities in 1982 with the remanufacturing of a limited range of valves, distributed within the local Belgian market only. These initial activities enabled the company to gain experience in the air brake system products for commercial vehicle applications and to develop engineering know-how that can be seen in today’s products. The acquired experience and know-how gave Trucktechnic® the expertise to grow and expand their range of products.

The Trucktechnic® brand expanded Meritor’s European Aftermarket operation in terms of product offering, geographical footprint and remanufacturing capability and capacity. Through Trucktechnic®, we now have a skilled engineering and technical staff who understands the specific needs of the aftermarket and assist us in achieving our growth objectives in the region. Products offered under the Trucktechnic® brand include brake kits and components, in addition to a significant portfolio of remanufactured brake calipers, and trading products such as valves and compressors.


 Product Portfolio


Trucktechnic® offers many products lines for service replacement available both as complete unit or repair kits:

  • Valves
  • Compressors
  • Power steering pumps
  • Air dryers
  • Master cylinder and clutch servos
  • Slack adjusters
  • Brake actuators
  • Air Springs