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We are well on our way to establishing our Aftermarket presence in Asia Pacific. In several countries throughout this region, we will supply aftermarket parts for commercial and industrial vehicles under the Meritor brand with all products produced as:

  • Original equipment
  • Remanufactured parts
  • Equivalent
  • "All makes" specifications

To expand our aftermarket footprint in this region, we are leveraging our strong OE market position in China, where we are a major supplier of off-highway axles, and in India, where we have been doing business since 1981 resulting in more than one million axles produced to date. We are also applying an aftermarket formula that we’ve perfected during our 30-year history in North America, and which has proven to be very successful as we expanded our aftermarket business into Europe.  

In China, we recently opened a distribution and packaging center that operates within our current brake manufacturing facility in Wuxi. From here, we are providing aftermarket parts to support our bus and coach customers. We’ve also recently begun operating a service center in Houlinhe to keep the local mining trucks running with Meritor axles, transport cases and brakes. And, we are looking forward to opening three additional service centers this year in Urumqi, Xining and Shuozhou.  

In addition to the progress we’ve made in China, we also have plans to grow our aftermarket presence in Australia where we currently have a distribution and packaging operation in Sunshine – and in India, where we intend to become a leading supplier of aftermarket parts to compliment our growing OE business in that region.  

We have competitive products that are marketed under global brands recognized for reliability, safety and durability, and we have the expertise and capabilities to become the aftermarket supplier of choice in every region of the world.