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 Transfer Cases


For trucks equipped with high-torque engine and transmission combinations, we offer an extensive line of transfer cases that permit a wide range of customized assembly configurations.  

Our single-speed transfer cases provide required grade-ability and power for demanding applications. These transfer cases are ideal for trucks with high-torque diesel engines and deeper-ratio transmissions. Typical applications include: fire trucks, emergency/rescue vehicles, airport/crash trucks, all-wheel-drive conversions, cement mixers, municipal trucks, utility trucks and truck cranes. A full range of yokes or flanges are available.

Meritor two-speed transfer cases are designed to meet the increasing demands of today’s all-wheel-drive market. With designs for 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 vehicles, Meritor has the ideal transfer case to meet your operation's needs.

 Features and Benefits


Our single-speed transfer cases embody a modular design concept to maximize  drain plugs. Triple-lip sealing ensures that contaminants are shut out. All gear shafts come equipped with a helical main drive gearing and tapered roller bearings for a long life.  

The Meritor two-speed transfer cases feature ground helical gearing in both high and low ranges for quiet, high-speed operation with increased durability. Our advanced lubrication system uses a bi-directional forced lube pump with seal ring technology, full synthetic lube, unitized seals, sump magnets and large sump capacity – all for maximum lube integrity (no initial lube change; extended lube change intervals).

The oil-cooler is ready to allow for internal pump flow to be diverted to an external oil-cooler for increased input speeds. The MTC-4210 model is PTO ready.