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 Meritor Tire Inflation System


More than 80 percent of fleet tire problems are caused by improper inflation. In fact, tires represent the second largest financial expenditure for most fleets.  

The award-winning Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS™) by P.S.I. is an automatic tire inflation system that keeps tires properly inflated. The system increases tire life, fuel economy and safety by helping to compensate for pressure losses resulting from typical tire punctures and other slow leaks. Unlike equalization systems that merely distribute air from one tire to another, or monitoring systems that simply tell when a tire has lost air pressure, MTIS uses compressed air from the trailer’s air system to inflate any tire that falls below a preset pressure whenever the vehicle is in operation.  

This innovative system connects all tires on the trailer to a controlled air supply to fill and maintain tires at the desired pressure setting, even while the vehicle is moving. As air pressure drops below the tire manufacturer’s recommended level, MTIS automatically routes air through a control box and through the trailer axles to refill any underinflated tires. By maintaining proper pressure, MTIS helps extend tire life and allows for more even tread wear and maximized recap potential.  

Self-contained on the trailer, MTIS can easily adapt to any tractor. The system can be installed on any type of trailer, from vans and tanks to flatbeds and container chassis. MTIS kits are also available for retrofit. Use our payback calculation tool to see how MTIS can pay you back.   P.S.I.'s ATIS is covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 5,287,906, 5,584,949, 5,767,398, 5,769,979, 6,131,631, 6,698,482

The MTIS ThermALERT™ option adds high-temperature protection to the industry-leading automatic tire inflation system. ThermALERT wheel-end heat-sensing technology alerts drivers to take preventive action that avoids damage caused by elevated wheel-end temperatures.   ThermALERT reduces vehicle downtime, risk and costs to keep your business moving ahead. A patented eutectic insert (thermal screw) in a ThermALERT-equipped spindle plug melts if the wheel end reaches abnormally high temperatures. It allows air to escape through the hubcap tee vent and triggers the system’s exterior light. In addition, when the driver exits the cab to inspect, an audible signal will be heard at the suspected wheel end. The alert can also be communicated to the cab through the Meritor WABCO PLC Display or to an operations center via a telematic system.  


 Features and Benefits


Properly-inflated tires can maximize tire life, fuel economy and on-time deliveries; and lead to less trailer downtime and damage, while increasing safety.  

ThermALERT’s unique thermal-equipped spindle plug uses new six-vent hubcaps that allow a path for air to escape. Its exterior-mounted LED indicator light offers longer life and increases driver visibility and awareness. And an instructional decal provides simple operating guidelines to driver.