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 OnGuard™ Collision Safety Systems


Meritor WABCO’s OnGuard™ is the first commercial vehicle Collision Safety System with Active Braking. OnGuard can assist the driver in maintaining a safe following distance and helps avoid or reduce the impact of rear-end collisions by braking as needed.  

OnGuard uses forward-looking radar sensor technology featuring advanced algorithms to monitor the distance to the moving vehicle ahead. When OnGuard detects that a potential collision is developing, it sends audible and visual warnings through an in-cab dash display so the driver is alerted to take appropriate corrective action.


 Features and Benefits


OnGuard features Collision Warning - an audible and visual warning that provides detection of developing rear end collisions.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Active Braking provides adaptive cruise for both deceleration and resume; maintains a 3.1 second following distance; provides sequential activation of engine (torque reduction, retarder control, foundation braking). Maximum deceleration is 0.25Gs.

The Collision Mitigation System is an "always on" emergency activation calculated to determine impending collision. Features initial haptic warning and 0.35Gs deceleration. Systetm automatically disengages if the drive takes appropriate action.

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