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With Meritor WABCO complete braking systems, you eliminate multiple suppliers as well as incompatibility issues. Components are designed to work together to offer the greatest benefit to you. Total system integration translates into a leaner, lighter, more efficient system that requires less maintenance while enhancing performance, reliability and cost savings.

Meritor WABCO Air Systems and Controls products include System Saver Air Compressors, System Saver Air Dryers, Air Brake Control Valves, and Trailer Air Filtration.


 Features and Benefits


System Saver air compressor's superior global pistong and bore process provides up to 90 percent oil carryover reduction.

System Saver 1200 and 1800 air dryer cartridges are available with an oil coalescing filter option.

Air Brake Control Valves are interchangeable with industry mounting practices.

Trailer Air Filtration is offered in two types of filters offered: In-Line and Gladhand.

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