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 Automatic Slack Adjusters


As the leading supplier of Automatic Slack Adjusters (ASA) in North America, Meritor understands the delicate relationship between ASAs and foundation brakes. The Meritor ASA, designed for a variety of commercial vehicle applications, is proven in hundreds of billions of service miles.

Our unique design keeps brakes in constant adjustment while eliminating the need for frequent under-the-truck brake adjustments, thereby reducing brake maintenance costs and vehicle safety inspection citations while allowing for optimum brake performance.


 Features and Benefits


Our automatic slack adjusters feature flexible, “handed” or “unhanded design options fit various packaging requirements and the pull pawl design results in fewer moving parts.  

As there is no need to remove the pawl during manual adjustments, the brake cannot be inadvertently backed off. This is a built-in safety feature. The pressed-in and sealed boot provides maximum durability whilst the buttress-type worm gear provides increased strength for longer life.  

The gear face seals help decrease internal contamination and corrosion, and minimizes internal torque and its worm seal prevents water from gaining access to the worm gear shaft, for a longer lifecycle.  

Finally various piston designs are adaptable to unique vehicle vocations and duty cycles and our simple ratchet design means fewer parts and no slip-clutches that will wear out.