Truck Rear Tandem Axles

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 Rear Tandem Axles


Meritor offers a full range of tandem-drive axles from 34,000 lbs. to 50,000 lbs. Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR). Meritor tandem axles are built to handle the heavy loads while helping to reduce maintenance and operating costs. Meritor offers the widest selection of axle ratios with the availability of fast ratios for better fuel economy. And, when tag tandems are required for load distribution, Meritor can custom fit virtually any application.


 FUELite™ Tandem


Designed for maximum weight savings and increased fuel efficiency. FUELite Tandem is the first member of the Meritor 6x2 configuration axle family, the SoloDrive Series. Based on the proven 160 series drive axle and named after the two key benefits it delivers, FUELite Tandem delivers nearly 400 lbs in weight savings versus a standard 6x4 and provides an approximately two percent fuel efficiency increase. Additional features of the axle include: Meritor DualTrac™ housing that allows the option to run wide-based single tires; a 2.50 ratio to match your application; and a 12.7 millimeter wall housing that’s compatible with all current 40,000-poundtandem hook-ups.


 14X Tandem Drive Axle


The Meritor 14X tandem drive axle delivers every benefit of its predecessor, the legendary Meritor RT-40-145 - and more. Including a more robust 20 percent larger Inter-Axle (IAD) to handle today's higher-torque engines. It features as standard equipment the smooth, efficient performance of our premium Meritor Amboid design. It also provides the industry's fastest and most complete range of axle ratios - from 2.47 to 7.17. And it is the lightest-weight axle in its class.

Features and Benefits

The 14X tandem drive axle features a more robust Inter-Axle Differential (IAD) that is 20 percent larger than its competition with fewer parts; ability to handle up to 2,050 lbs. per foot of torque in certain applications. Additionally, it includes new IAD needle bearings system for reduced heat and wear, which delivers increased reliability.

Its premium Amboid design is now standard for improved driveline angles that reduce vibration while increasing ride quality and overall component life. Amboid gearing on the rear drive axle allows parallel positioning between forward and rear drive axles.

This axle offers the industry's most complete ratio range - 2.47 to 7.17 range can match your application and specific engine manufacturer's recommendations. The new 2.47 ratio is the industry's fastest axle ratio and is also the most efficient solution for vehicles with direct drive transmissions.

The use of wide-based tires with optional DualTrac housing is another available option. This offers bearing life equal to dual-tire-configured tandem axles, while allowing the ability to convert between wide-based single tires and duals within legal axle spread dimensions. DualTrac is offered in 9.5 mm and 11.0 mm housing wall thickness options.

With an industry-leading axle breather, designed for today's extended-drain synthetic lubes, water and other contaminants are prevented from entering the axle while keeping lube in place.