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 Rear Single Axles


At Meritor, we’re dedicated to rear axle solutions that enhance mobility to give our customers the leading edge. With more than 100 years’ of axle manufacturing experience, we’ve become the world’s largest independent manufacturer of commercial truck axles for a broad range of vehicle applications. And, Meritor® rear axles are at the heart of this heritage. We’ve mastered the combination of precision engineering, component durability, and lightweight options – all to bring your operation enhanced movement. When your operation needs a drive axle product to move you past the competition, you can rely on Meritor drive axles to deliver.

The MS-17X single reduction hypoid drive axle, pictured above, is designed for on-highway applications and European linehaul operations. To meet increasingly demanding specific needs, the 17X offers increased capacity, higher efficiency and, due to laser welding of gear and differential cases, superior rigidity.

Assembled in highly automated lines at our facilities located in Cameri, Italy and Lindesberg, Sweden.


 Features and Benefits

The 17X offers customers a material option of cast or stamped housing, and is available with the option of driver-controlled differential lock.

Features Gross Axle Weight Rating of 13 tons, Gross Combined Weight of 44 tons and ratios ranging from 2.64 to 6.17.