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 Front Non-Drive Axles


When it comes to saving weight, maintenance time, and money on your fleet’s axle needs, Meritor has the products you can depend on. With our non-drive front axles, you benefit from the advanced technology and engineering experience of the industry’s leading manufacturer, along with the assurance that comes with the industry’s best service support and competitive warranty coverage.

All Meritor front non-drive steer axles feature the unique Easy Steer bushing technology, which reduces steering effort and provides longer life. Meritor front steer products are backed by industry-leading technology, unsurpassed service and support, and competitive warranty coverage. 

The proven performance, durability and ease of service make the Easy Steer axle perfect for virtually any fleet. In weight ratings from 6,000 to 20,000 lbs., these premium axles are compatible with a wide range of popular Meritor brake products, and are supported by more than 3,500 genuine parts outlets nationwide, with distribution centers strategically located to reduce down-time. Easy Steer offers fleet managers the ability to rely on a single source for axle parts, hubs, drums and brakes. And the proven product features of the Easy Steer axle make it the clear choice for low cost and performance-oriented operators.  

Meritor’s front non-drive steer axles were also optimized to meet the FMVSS 121 reduced stopping distance regulation. By upgrading the knuckle to accept a larger 3/4 inch fastener for the brake mounting attachment, the axle gains additional clamp retention needed to withstand the new torque forces generated by the RSD Brakes.


 Features and Benefits


Our front non-drive steer axles feature easy steer bushings provide a tough, low-friction bearing surface to help reduce steering effort and give a longer life. Double draw keys hold the kingpin more firmly in place for superior front-end stability.  

Our large-diameter kingpin has a proven, heat-treated design for greater durability and longer component life while the keystone steering arm uses a stronger forging with an induction-hardened taper.  

Finally, our improved durability Optimized Beam Design is available in a variety of beam drop configurations and adds strength in high-load areas.