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 Tire Inflation Systems


More than 80% of fleet tire problems are caused by improper inflation. In fact, tires represent the second largest financial expenditure for most fleets. The Meritor® Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by P.S.I. is an automatic tire inflation system (ATIS) that keeps tires properly inflated. Unlike equalization systems that merely distribute air from one tire to another, MTIS uses compressed air from the trailer air system to inflate any tire that falls below a pre-set pressure when the trailer is moving. The system increases tire life, fuel efficiency and safety.

This innovative system connects all tires on the trailer to a controlled air supply to fill and maintain air pressure at a constant and proper level -- even while the vehicle is moving. As air pressure decreases from the tire manufacturer's recommended level, MTIS automatically routes air supply to a control box and then into the axle. The air is then distributed to each tire helping extend tire life and allowing for more even wear and maximized recap potential.

Self-contained on the trailer, MTIS can easily adapt to any tractor. The system can be installed on any type of trailer - from dry vans and liquid tanks to flat beds, and intermodal trailers and chassis.  

Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by P.S.I. is the market leader for safety, fuel economy, longer tire life, reduced maintenance, increased uptime and faster payback.  It often pays for itself in six months. A warning light alerts the driver immediately when tire inflation occurs and doesn’t require vehicle electrical power.  

Use our payback calculation tool to see how MTIS can pay you back.

Features and Benefits:

  • Continuously monitors and maintains tire pressure, unlike systems that just check pressure periodically
  • Proven superior design and durability with over 1.8 million units in service
  • Eliminates under inflation – the main cause of premature tire wear out Available for both new and existing trailers
  • Maintains full tire pressure in a damaged tire until the driver can get it repaired -- for hundreds of miles if necessary
  • Reduces the potential for blowouts and roadside service
  • Reduces downtime – and costs – to keep your business moving ahead  

P.S.I.'s ATIS is covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 5,287,906, 5,584,949, 5,767,398, 5,769,979, 6,131,631, 6,698,482