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 FRAS-LE Shoes & Friction


Meritor trusts FRAS-LE braking performance all the way. As the exclusive North American distributor of FRAS-LE’s heavy-duty brake linings for over a decade, we’re proud to offer you and your customers the ultimate combination of safety and performance.

Featuring high-performance brake blocks, shoes, kits and lining sets, applications include a wide variety of on- and off-highway commercial vehicles, trucks, tractors, trailers, buses, dump trucks and other specialty vehicles. Every heavy-duty FRAS-LE brake lining is fully supported and exclusively distributed by Meritor’s Aftermarket group.

With proven stopping power for almost any application, vehicle or load, we offer a complete line of
FRAS-LE brake linings and brake blocks from heavy-duty premium to severe-service premium to standard, basic and economy grade. Please select from the friction product list below for more information:

Heavy-Duty Premium AF/555-1/FF (United States/Canada/Mexico)

Across a wide range of demanding applications, including severe high-temperature usage, AF/555-1/FF delivers strong braking power, extended wear life and real value. When your heavy-duty braking requires heavy-weight performance, this is the one you want in your corner.

High-Performance Premium AF/557/FF (United States/Canada)

When your operation demands low cost per mile, a high level of safety and minimum downtime, AF/557/FF is the one that delivers it all. Recognized in the industry for its many advantages, it’s a proven overall performer recommended for trucks and tractors in a wide variety of applications. Its raw strength avoids cracking in either the riveting of the shoe or in application on the truck.

Severe-Service Organic Premium AF/587/GG (United States/Canada)

AF/587/GG is an innovation the industry has sought for many decades. It’s a true organic that provides the brake power of a metallic lining with the long life and drum compatibility previously associated only with the mid-friction organic premiums. Plus, it’s tough enough to handle high axle loads, excessive heat buildup and mountainous terrain – without fade.

Severe-Service Metallic AF/560/FF (United States/Canada)

In some applications – such as logging and garbage collection – raw brake power is the only way to get the job done. For these types of applications, accept no substitutes! This lining will handle just about anything, including drum temperatures over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Transit Bus Block AF/557/FF (United States/Canada)

When low cost per mile, minimal downtime and a high degree of safety are all “musts” for your bus or transit operation, get onboard with the AF/557/FF. This noise-free premium mix is ideal for transit applications, and so is its superior resistance to fade, long life and exceptional drum compatibility. In fact, its performance and wear data have been extensively evaluated and acclaimed over millions of miles in use by fleets.

Premium Grade AF/550-1/FF (United States/Canada)

It delivers a level of durability and friction stability normally found only in higher-cost liners. AF/550-1/FF is recognized as a dependable, long-lasting and versatile performer available at a very attractive price.

Standard Grade AF/540-1/FF (United States/Canada)

In its price category, there is no other brake lining that can compete with either the drum compatibility or wear life of the AF/540-1/FF standard version. It is the only standard brake block available that meets the inertial dynamometer requirement of the FMVSS-121 brake standard at 20,000 pound GAWR when using an AL factor of 180 or larger.

Severe-Service Metallic Combination AF/560/FF & AF/555-1/FF (United States/Canada)

The Combo is the perfect match for severe applications with consistently high drum temperatures that demand both brake power and resistance to fade, such as refuse vehicles, logging trucks and off-road applications over rough terrain. The key is the Combo’s smart use of two different, but compatible, materials to provide a total performance package.