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 Wheel-End Components


Keeping our customer's vehicles up and running is a critical focus. Maintaining a high fill rate on our Euclid Wheel-End offering gives customers the flexibility to order a part today, and receive it tomorrow. We are also continuously maintaining, reviewing and updating our catalogs to provide you with the best technical expertise and support available.


One of the great challenges for truck and trailer component manufacturers is how to reduce weight without sacrificing strength and durability. Meritor meets this challenge with its Euclid hub, the lightest standard ductile iron hub in the industry.

Pound for pound, Euclid hubs are as strong or stronger than other ductile iron hubs and much more durable than aluminum hubs.


  • Engineered using ductile iron instead of aluminum to provide more than 50 percent improvement in both tensile and yield strength
  • No heating requirements for bearing cup replacement, unlike aluminum hubs, which reduces maintenance time
  • Higher strength threads to significantly reduce the likelihood of stripping which can result in oil leaks and catastrophic bearing failures
  • Expansion rate compatibility with steel bearing cups to help ensure proper fitting 

SteelLite X30 Brake Drums  

SteelLite X30 brake drum sets a new standard in advanced wheel-end design and development. Feature for feature, it's a superior alternative to any other brake drum available.

Fleets who specify the SteelLite X30 brake drum for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, tractors and trailers will enjoy its considerable advantages, including reliability, balance, weight reduction and lower operating costs.

Euclid Wheel Attaching Parts

The Euclid wheel attaching all-makes offering encompasses each portion of the wheel fastener system process for the needs of medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles.

Our extensive line of studs, nuts, wheel rim clamps and hubs for both disc and spoke wheels provides the broadest line and the highest quality wheel mounting parts available.

Disc wheel nuts include inner cap nuts for dual mounted steel and aluminum wheels, outer cap nuts, flanged cap nuts, cone nuts and flat nuts. Disc wheel studs include round collar shoulder studs (SAE and metric), clipped collar shoulder studs (SAE and metric), bus and heavy duty studs, serrated double end studs and front wheel studs, serrated wheel studs (SAE and metric) and Clipped head and D-head studs (SAE and metric).

Spoke wheel components include rim nuts and clamps, wheel and rim studs, and wheel and rim bolts. Spindle nuts and washers include trailer applications, steer axle applications and drive axle applications.

Other wheel end parts include drive flange studs, nuts and wedges, drum bolt assemblies, truck/tractor hubs for steer and drive axles, wheel bearings, trailer hubs and trailer spoke wheels.

Cast Brake Drums

Euclid's cast brake drum meets the needs of the non-weight conscious customer looking for an OE-quality cast drum.