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Please review our guidelines, noting our program focus and the types of programs we do not support.

Meritor invites qualified non-profit organizations to submit proposals that include the following detail:

1. Provide explanations as requested / respond to these questions:

  • What issue does your proposal address?
  • What is the goal of your program? Please be specific.
  • What qualifies your organization to address this issue?
  • Whom will this program serve?
  • How does your proposal correlate with Meritor's guidelines?
  • What specifically are you requesting from Meritor?
  • Please provide a rationale for both the request and the amount requested.
  • What are the key milestones and dates associated with this program?
  • Explain how your organization will measure the success of your program.
  • How will you continue this program after Meritor's support ends?
  • What other organizations currently support this program?
  • What does your organization expect from Meritor in the future?

2. If submitting a proposal in writing, include a brief letter outlining your proposal and incorporating the following details, along with any supporting documentation:

  • Proof of nonprofit status – a copy of your organization's IRS tax exempt 501(c) (3) letter*
  • Recent information about your organization
  • Annual report
  • Leadership, including volunteer boards
  • Descriptions of current programs
  • Budgets (organization and project)
  • Current financial statement*
  • List of current and proposed contributions

* Required Items

Please direct requests and inquiries to:

Community Relations
2135 West Maple Road
Troy, MI 48084-7186

Tel: 248-435-1913