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 Our Culture of Social Responsibility


Meritor has a long history of forward thinking. Our heritage of community involvement and social responsibility demonstrates our belief that we can improve the well-being of the communities that so generously welcome us.

With efforts large and small, Meritor pledges to support and strengthen the communities that host our facilities. Our employees join in the effort. By volunteering, they provide personal, local support for schools, neighborhood associations and a variety of organizations, making a clear difference in their own cities and towns.

Each manufacturing site in the Meritor family has its own local strategy and plan of action, and this is supported and encouraged at all levels of our company. At a broader level, through direct financial contributions, the Meritor Charitable Trust Fund and International Giving Program supports:

  • Education
  • Civic responsibility
  • Health and human services

The Trust Committee oversees strategies and budgets at the local level. Meritor’s Environmental and Social Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors annually reviews the company’s community involvement activities around the world.

In our communities, a top priority for Meritor is partnering with schools to support educational initiatives – especially those that emphasize science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). At least 50 percent of budgeted global contributions are dedicated to STEM activities. We know effective learning not only boosts the potential of individuals and communities, but also significantly enhances Meritor’s ability to remain competitive in today’s global business environment.