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At Meritor, we believe our employees can make a measurable and meaningful impact in our communities through employee volunteering. To further this commitment, we established a key sustainability goal of reaching 40,000 employee volunteer hours in our communities each year by 2020.

To support our employees in achieving this goal, we introduced the Power of Volunteering, an employee program designed to offer our global sites a tool kit of policies, practices and suggestions they can utilize to organize and encourage employee volunteer programs in their communities. The Power of Volunteering encompasses Meritor’s efforts to be both socially responsible and accountable.

As part of this program, we are partnering with VolunteerMatch, a web-based tool that allows our employees to create profiles and identify volunteer opportunities that align with employee, company and community interests. It also offers a method to track volunteer hours, log outcomes and celebrate successes.

At present, VolunteerMatch is a U.S.-based tool, but international versions are in development for future rollout. In the meantime, our international sites can still create profiles and track hours using VolunteerMatch.

Our employees can find volunteer opportunities and track hours of service by visiting:

If you are a non-profit organization and have a volunteer opportunity, please visit our Make a Request section, which provides information on our guidelines, program focus as well as types of programs we do not support.

Example of How Our Employees Make a Difference

Any service performed to help others is valuable and important, whether it is coaching a children’s sports team or volunteering in at a shelter for those in need. The possibilities are unlimited and include some of the following:

  • Adopting a school and providing mentoring and tutoring to students
  • Packing food for homebound senior citizens
  • Renovating low-income housing
  • Organizing fundraising efforts in support of natural disaster victims
At Meritor, we believe the hours of community service our employees offer, can be just as meaningful as the dollars we give.