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 Warranty Support


Warranty coverage is essential to protecting your investment. Please review the information below to discover the details of our coverage in your region.

Understanding the full details of your coverage can be challenging. That is why we've simplified our component warranty categories from 16 to four. This straightforward approach allows you, our valued customer, to better understand how your specific vehicle applications will be covered.

  • Linehaul vehicles include refrigerated and general freight; livestock, bulk, auto, grain and pipe haulers; tankers; doubles; triples; flatbeds; moving vans.
  • General Service typically is lower mileage operations (less than 60,000 miles/year). Generally on-road service (less than 10 percent off-road) and an average of two stops/starts per mile.
  • Heavy Service typically is moderate mileage operations (less than 60,000 miles/year). On/off-road vocations (10 percent or more off-road) and moderate to frequent stops/starts (up to 10 stops per mile).
  • Restricted Service typically is lower mileage operations with 15 miles per hour vehicle speed restriction. Vehicles are not typically licensed for highway use. Six stops/starts per mile (typical).

Learn more about the warranty coverage for your specific vocation from our current warranty brochure or to view legacy warranty documents please use the Literature on Demand page




Technical Support Center

Welcome to OnTrac - Meritor's Original Equipment (OE) Dealer Technical Support Center staffed by experienced professionals dedicated to assist you with diagnostics, repair and warranty solutions for Meritor® components. The link below gives more detail:

Contacting OnTrac

When you call OnTrac, you'll reach one of our expert service professionals who'll help you with troubleshooting and handling warranty issues, such as validating coverage, opening a new claim, following-up on an ongoing claim, or closing an existing claim. Once parts and labor are agreed to, OnTrac will issue a Warranty Claim Authorization number to help expedite payment.

OnTrac can assist you to:

  • Obtain technical assistance in troubleshooting components
  • Determine warrantability of parts
  • Determine correct repair parts and times
  • Open a new warranty claim
  • Track the status of a claim
  • Validate and close an existing claim
  • Return material authorization/information

Dealers and Service Centers

  • From within U.S. or Canada, call 1-866-OnTrac1 (1-866-668-7221)
  • From within Mexico, call 001-800-889-1834
  • E-mail: OnTrac@Meritor.com
  • Monday through Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 12 a.m. (midnight) EST
  • Saturday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST
  • Sunday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST

Preparing to Call

Firstly, please download the Pre-Call Worksheet to your computer and complete it prior to calling OnTrac.

To allow our technical support professionals to help you as efficiently as possible, please have the following information available before calling OnTrac.

  • Complete 17-digit VIN number
  • Unit number (if applicable)
  • In-service date
  • Vocation
  • Owner information
  • Meritor ID Number
  • Component's model and serial number
  • Mileage
  • Work order number
  • Causal part number

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 Advantage Plans


As a leading manufacturer of equipment for the commercial vehicle industry, Meritor understands the needs of operations both large and small - that's why we have created the Advantage Plans.

The ideal complement to the new simplified Meritor warranty, the Advantage Plans offer a simple and economical way to get the long-term coverage you need.

Introduction to Advantage Plans

Offering coverage for up to seven years and/or 1,000,000 miles in linehaul applications, the Advantage Plan benefits remain with the vehicle through its Vehicle Identification Number, ensuring automatic transfer of benefits to a vehicle's new owner. They not only allow you to rest easy when you're on the road - they also add important value at resale. The Advantage Plans, one more reason to turn to Meritor for all your medium- and heavy-duty drivetrain components and systems.

Under our new simplified warranty coverage, all vocations fall into one of four major categories: Linehaul, General Service, Heavy Service and Restricted Service.

Meritor's standard warranty covers linehaul axles for five years and general service and heavy service for two years. With Advantage Plans, you can get extended service coverage on linehaul axles for up to seven years and/or 1,000,000 miles - longer than ever before - and up to five years for general service and heavy service applications.

How to Sign Up

Enrollment in the Advantage Plans is simple. The Advantage Plans Extended Service Packages may be applied to most new trucks (trucks within the mining vocation are excluded), after a Vehicle Identification Number is assigned, and may be purchased up to one year from the vehicle's in-service date.

Any authorized dealer can initiate the process in minutes and customers can be assured of coverage  within two weeks, once they receive their certificate of enrollment. To obtain a login user ID and password follow these instructions:

  • If you are a Dealer: Go to http://advantageplans.meritor.com and register as a first-time user for access to Advantage Plans
  • If you are an Owner/Operator or Fleet: Contact your local dealer to purchase an Extended Service Package

More Information

To learn more, please visit the Advantage Plans website.

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