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 Support Tools


Below is a selection of tools to help you in your every day business. From service and support tools, to payback calculators, to our district manager directory - these tools are designed to assist you.


 Meritor BullPen


The Meritor BullPen is a convenient web portal designed for dealers, fleets, service garages and alike to access Meritor's product information and training in one central location.

Visit to take advantage of the following user-friendly features:

  • More than 1,000 documents including product presentations, sales literature, product videos and photos, service bulletins, and parts books

  • Intuitive user Training Dealer Loyalty Incentive Programs

  • Easy downloading for Meritor Mobile™

  • Meritor and industry news, events and more


 Meritor Mobile for iPad


Meritor Mobile is Meritor's sales & marketing communication and product information app for use by all sales and service personnel in the commercial vehicles industry. It is designed to aid in the education and sale of Meritor products and services including axles, brakes, drivelines, trailers, safety systems and more.

More info and iTunes download link


 Payback Calculators


Our payback calculator applications help you to estimate the potential savings it is possible to realize by specifying Meritor® modules and systems.


 Meritor® on the Move Dealer Loyalty Program


For program details, visit



 TOOLBOX™ Software


TOOLBOX™ Software is a comprehensive PC-based diagnostics program that runs in Windows 95*, 98, NT, 2000 and Me. Service technicians can use TOOLBOX to:

  • Display system faults and wheel speed data
  • Test individual components
  • Verify installation wiring
  • Perform PASS/FAIL sensor installation test on trailers equipped with Enhanced Easy-Stop™ as well as other PLC diagnostics

The current release, version 5.0, provides several new features, including:

  • Diagnostics for Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB)
  • Diagnostics for Electronic Leveling Modules (ELM) for both tractors and trailers
  • Comprehensive service information, including repair instructions and system schematics, for pneumatic tractor ABS, trailer ABS and HPB

* Version 5.0 requires Windows 98 or higher, and Internet Explorer, version 3.02 or higher.

To order TOOLBOX™ Software call 1-800-328-6657. Ask the service representative to help you select any cables or adapters that may be required to run TOOLBOX™.

Click here to download a copy of the Meritor WABCO TOOLBOX Software User's Manual.



 PLC Datamaster™

The Meritor WABCO PLC DataMaster™ sets a new standard for convenience and accuracy in the retrieval of critical trailer information. Combining leading-edge technology and practical value, the DataMaster is a cost-effective productivity tool for fleets of various sizes.
Feature Benefit
Advanced memory system Allows data extraction from up to 255 trailers to streamline retrieval process
Handheld and self-contained No need for cumbersome laptop computer / PC interface
Injection-molded case Rugged, practical and built to withstand the rigors of daily use in trailer yards
SMART rechargable battery system Maximum uptime

Ordering Information:

Pacific Insight Electronics Corporation (Exclusive Distributor)
1155 Insight Drive
Nelson, B.C.
Canada V1L 5P5
Tel: 1-800-995-1155
Fax: 1-250-354-1166


 Wheel End Application Tools


 Driveline Application Search

This application will assist you in identifying the proper yoke companion flange and part numbers used in axle/transfer cases and transmissions.