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 Product Portfolio & Sales


In Europe we have a full portfolio of products to serve your on and off highway needs in Truck, Trailer and Bus & Coach applications.

A full list of our product offering is shown below and to learn more about any of these innovative products please email our sales team direct at

Aftermarket customers should go direct to our new multi-lingual Aftermarket section for information.


 Truck Products

Rear Single Axles MS08-12 MS11-14 MS13-15 MS13-16 MS13-17 MS13-18
Rear Tandem Axles MT21-14 MT23-15 MT23-16  
Hub Reduction Axles MS13-61 MS32-61  
Drum Brakes 410 SCam 410 SAC  
Disc Brakes (Air) ELSA225H ELSA195L ELSA175S
Disc Brakes (Hydraulic) B-Frame          
Wheel Ends Anti-Coning Rotor  


 Trailer Products

Rear Axles Euroflex LM TA TE Steering
Drum Brakes 420Øx180mm (Q&Q+) 420Øx220mm (Z) 350Øx190mm B 310Ø x200 (AC)
Disc Brakes (Air) ELSA195 ELSA225 ELSA225L
Automatic Slack Adjusters Meritor ASA
Actuators Spring brake chambers Service chambers        
Wheel Ends LM Hub
Tire Inflation Systems MTIS        
Suspensions Euroflex Flexair Indair SMT    


 Bus & Coach Products

Rear Single Axles MC08-12 MC10-14 MC13-16 MC13-17
Disc Brakes (Air) ELSA195 ELSA225
Automatic Slack Adjusters Meritor ASA
Wheel Ends Hubs/Rotors


 Off-Highway Products

Hub Reduction Axles MS13-61 MT32-61  
Drum Brakes 410 SCam 410 SAC  
Disc Brakes (Air) EX225
Automatic Slack Adjusters Meritor ASA          


 Aftermarket Parts

For full details of our extensive Aftermarket offering in Europe please see our dedicated, multi-language European Aftermarket section.