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Meritor Logistics - 3PL Services - Reverse Logistics - Forward-thinking reverse logistics.

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 Reverse Logistics

Meritor Logistics can help with your aftermarket growth. Meritor Logistics can help you thrive in a global marketplace. Let Meritor Logistics fulfill your distribution needs. Meritor Logistics is a packaging resource for your packaging requirements. Meritor Logistics can make kitting look easy. Meritor Logistics can provide help and resources for any of your materials management and supply chain needs. At Meritor Logistics, our Transportation Management knowledge helps you deliver the whole package. Meritor Logistics helps you increase ROI by reversing the flow of products. Remanufacturing is a primary focus of Meritor Logistics. Meritor Logistics offers six Customer Care Centers providing 24/7 customer support in over 15 languages. Meritor Logistics provides 3PL services in line sequencing and line-side delivery. Top technology and systems utilized by Meritor Logistics will provide key advantages to you. Meritor Logistics can provide your company with valuable consulting services.

Reversing the flow of products and materials when necessary can be vitally important for increasing your ROI.

With our process standardization and system controls, we offer the complete ability to reverse the flow for returns of inventory for whatever reason – for repairs, for remanufacturing or for disposal and update of products.

An option to consider is warranty administration, including development of a warranty program and processes.

Interested in core consolidation? Our services can include inspection and storage of cores, as well as core management in place with your vendors and your customers.

Our systems are in place. We are equipped and ready. Just say the word.

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