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Meritor Logistics - 3PL Services - Aftermarket Growth - Solutions to help you get after the aftermarket.

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 Aftermarket Growth

Meritor Logistics can help with your aftermarket growth. Meritor Logistics can help you thrive in a global marketplace. Let Meritor Logistics fulfill your distribution needs. Meritor Logistics is a packaging resource for your packaging requirements. Meritor Logistics can make kitting look easy. Meritor Logistics can provide help and resources for any of your materials management and supply chain needs. At Meritor Logistics, our Transportation Management knowledge helps you deliver the whole package. Meritor Logistics helps you increase ROI by reversing the flow of products. Remanufacturing is a primary focus of Meritor Logistics. Meritor Logistics offers six Customer Care Centers providing 24/7 customer support in over 15 languages. Meritor Logistics provides 3PL services in line sequencing and line-side delivery. Top technology and systems utilized by Meritor Logistics will provide key advantages to you. Meritor Logistics can provide your company with valuable consulting services.

Is your aftermarket business more of an afterthought? Don’t have a dedicated location or facility for aftermarket or service parts distribution? Don’t have an adequate system in place to manage customer expectations? Can’t get a handle on aftermarket metrics?

More than any other third-party logistics provider, Meritor Logistics offers solutions that enable you to grow your aftermarket and service parts business by maximizing revenues from existing customers. After all, the best source of new business is often the customers you already have.

So count on Meritor Logistics to turn your aftermarket into a growth machine for your business. Here are some examples of how we can help:

  • Create and grow your brand through aftermarket customers.
  • Promote and protect your “genuine parts” so that you keep and grow your aftermarket business.
  • Penetrate new markets.
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